When Two Psychopaths Meet

Psychopaths are usually very good at judging other people’s characters.

When meeting someone for the first time, they know right away if that person will be an easy target or not, what they can get from that person and at what cost. They can smell insecurities and desperation a mile away.

Studies have shown that they are even better than us “normals” at judging human emotion, even though they can only mimic it, and not really feel it.

They can also spot another psychopath much quicker than any of us, because they know what to look for.


I read somewhere that a psychopath once said he found interactions with another psychopath very unpleasant, since he relied on the other person to give him cues for normal emotional reactions. He was left with nothing but a pair¬† of empty eyes just like his. “Looking in the mirror” supposedly makes it easy for their mask to slip.


Psychopaths usually do not like the company of other psychopaths. There can only be one no.1. Other people are there just for their benefit (so they think) and another praise-and-power-hungry individual is certainly not welcome around them.

This can create an unbearable situation for everyone else involved, e.g. other coworkers at a workplace.

In a family, it is sometimes the case that a psychopathic parent has a psychopathic child. The two usually do not get along. The parent either totally neglects the child or is very domineering, which eventually leads the psychopathic child to feel utter hate towards the parent.

All in all, hate is the most common emotion between two psychopaths.

However, although rarely, it does happen that two psychopaths “fall in love” with each other. What actually happens is that they get infatuated with one another. “An alpha male meets an alpha female” is probably how they see it. Finally someone at their level. Finally someone who understands how they feel. They can finally put their mask down around another person.



What happens next? Well, it dI Liedoesn’t work, of course, because a psychopath is totally clueless about love. They cheat on each other, they make each other jealous, they beat each other up, they lie, and their relationship is so unbelievably unhealthy that everyone else is wondering how is it possible that they even stay together.

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What probably keeps them in the relationship is the constant excitement and the challenge that they pose for each other.  They play mind games and that takes care of their constant boredom.

In even more unfortunate situations, they can become a very dangerous couple seeking all kinds of horrific thrills. There have been real cases of couples killing and raping together, and the victims of their twisted pleasures are sometimes even their very own children.

In the end, all of these relationships end in hate and revenge. Two psychopaths can never just “stay friends”. They want to get even.


Luckily for all of us, two psychopaths are more likely to destroy one another than to unite for a common selfish goal.

  • Ariadne Etienne

    Persons with ASPD typically despise others with the same condition. And since the variety of individuals with ASPD is quite high it’s not surprising: they all have different ways of doing things. In fact there is such a variety of personalities among people with ASPD that it has caused considerable confusion between such labels as the now outdated psychopath and sociopath, and more common ones such as narcissist and the all-round asshole.

  • Thank you for your comment, Ariadne!

  • Laura

    Yes, the child really gets to the point where they constantly provoke their parent and yes, they do hate them.

    I was wondering what are the points of view from the outside about 2 psychopats meeting. It’s far away from truth..

    The thing is that maybe i’d be jelous too if i would know what happens between them. It’s not entirely dark how you would expect and it is fairly really special. Well, they meet like the other people meet too, but they are obsessivly attracted to each other to the point that they cannot control it plus their entire lives start to be surrounded besides the other one. They cannot control it without becoming the other person, you know they fake emotions, but when the other one fakes emotions too they feel confident when discover that and laugh , they gain trust that they are deeply alike.
    It can get really deep because you start and fake happiness, pleasure and perfection in order to strike them. You expect them to fall, but surprise they push you higher and strike you harder. Suddently something happens, you can’t belive it, it’s a fucking feeling challenge. the better you fake the real it gets. you fool even yourself ..no one knows what’s real and what’s not, but they would break any rule for the other one. ANY. Complete protection and devotion.

    Do you remember how they are self loving all their lives? Well, they extend themselves to the other intensly loving them AND only them. They are faithful enough not to spend to much time together and get bored.Smart enough to know that would come quickly. Time for fantasizing. It’s nice to know that no one can fuck your loved one because you are the worst version. They are safe in this world they dont care about. They speak the same and think even more alike with time. Huge respect for the ones that dont give away their hearts so easily. That’s them. Actually they mostly never do. They will always cheat on everyone they are without any regrets. Their heart is save in the other one that takes care of it.

    And one more thing, it’s the only attraction (yes, not love) that lasts forever, because no matter how wrong they fail it doesnt matter (no deep moral principles) They cannot quit on their one and only powerful attraction in this world. Normal people seem to fail and quit easily on their relationships.They never do. It’s complete craziness.

    Only with you I’m happy…

  • Fascinating

    Hello Guest – How do you know these things? I found it fascinating. Maybe you could elaborate a little more? How do they “become the other person”? If you really want to be with the person and they D&D you, should you challenge back? Or would this be considered giving your heart away too easily? So they cheat on each other but are loyal to each other at the same time? You say that it’s attraction, not love, but then from what I’ve read, psychopathic males tend to go for women who are “homely.” I’ve never heard them go for someone attractive.

    • A curtis

      Guest summed it up quite nicely – but a simpler version is this.

      Put a mirror in front of a mirror. What do you get? Infinity. That is what it can be like when two ASPD / Psychopathics find one another. There is an animalistic attraction – an instant magnetism once they spot each other and recognize each other for what they each are. They cannot resist each other and are drawn to each other – forsaking all else and all others.

      As ‘Guest’ put it – they can see each other as an equal, a partner, someone who understands without judging. Someone who is not needy, whiny, clingy. Someone worthy of respect – in essence – they see themselves, the last person they would harm, the only person they care about.

      If the two are intellectually aware enough of this – they will become each other’s sole world, their only source of connection is to each other when every one else around them feels worthless and empty, a waste of their time and effort. They will nurture each other where nobody else could. They will satisfy each other’s needs and fantasies without fear or judgment and recognize the importance of maintaining this infatuation with each other – and part of the thrill is walking the tight rope of knowing that either one of you could slip, but the other will be there to catch them if they do.

      The relationship is one of intense desire, and ownership, of each other. The two feel as one. If their lifestyles are compatible, if they can maintain mutual interests, their bond deepens to a level that ‘normal’ people cannot even begin to comprehend.

      The trick is in getting them to maintain mutual interests that are not ultimately harmful to others, which would eventually be harmful to themselves. Harder to accomplish when they’re younger, but more likely as they grow older.

      It is by far the most satisfying experience I have ever had with another human being.

      • SickMind ‘n Soul

        This is so fucking stupid.

      • JimmieJoeBob

        Why are u telling our secrets! :p

  • Fascinating

    Are you a psychopath yourself? It seems so as you seem to include yourself in your answer at the end. Can you answer me a question that I still can’t quite figure out? Why is it that psychopaths want to harm other people?

    • Rebecca Morgan

      Mostly just for a sick kick it gives a high satisfaction knowing they have so much control power and have managed to completely fool and mask who they really are which is amusing fills their constant feeling of boredom and thrill seeking needs.these are the only eliviate
      d positive feelings they experience which they not only crave but in a sense need to get ego functions working to a degree.other harmful behaviour can be for revenge.or a defensive used when they feel threatened.
      Some just for the fun of it just cos I can

      • Fascinating

        Thanks – makes me glad I’m not a psychopath – such a boring and empty existence if that’s the only way you can feel good.

        • JimmieJoeBob

          I cant say i really enjoy it but what would u do? If u never feel anything…
          And its not true that we all cant stand each other u can gain a brotherly love in it.
          I think many people are thinking pyschopaths and sociopaths are the same.
          Also people think to see psychopaths as always being 100%

  • Apocalyptic

    As a psychopath, I don’t completely agree. The psychopathic mother and child makes perfect sense, however, as my mother and I frequently get into heated arguments in which we both end up irritated and hateful when we inevitably are unable to manipulate one another.

    Though when it comes to my interactions with other psychopaths, the prominence of each specific psychopathic trait often determines how the interaction will turn out (i.e. I’ve met other psychopaths with insane sex drives, but by comparison, I am largely asexual). With me specifically, I find that the metaphorical “mask of sanity” is far too heavy to be worth the effort of wearing it all the time, so I tend not to conceal my antisocial ideology and behavior so much as others (but make no mistake, I’m just as capable of manifesting a charming personality when it suits me). Oftentimes, this indifference will be towards other psychopaths as well, meaning that despite knowing other psychopaths, I make a point to ignore them so long as they stay out of my way, and it seems they’ve acknowledged the unspoken mutual contract as I’ve had no territorial issues or conflict with them.

    One thing that you may be interested in knowing is that I have cooperated with other psychopaths on numerous occasions to eliminate common threats and annoyances (largely consisting of teenage hybristophiles that have convinced themselves that yelling at their parents once and feeling kinda bad about it makes them psychopaths).

    Overall, my personal experience with other psychopaths shows not immediate hatred and conflict between them, but rather, an acknowledgement that in a world where wearing a mask is necessary to fit in, fellow psychopaths, though we have no emotional connections to each other and don’t go so far as to label our groups as communities, are at the very least people that won’t ask irritating questions about serial killers while they’re resting from all the exposure to the tiring emotional exploits of you empaths.

    • SickMind ‘n Soul

      You have aspergers

  • Bezgramotny

    My wife and I both have had suspicions of ourselves being close to diagnosable as the above described, but I think it’s to do more with us having to have developed certain kinds of social skills that from the side can closely resemble disorders. Personally, I found, through stressful situations later in life, that adapting (learning how to perform) a few “psychopathic” behaviours which you can control yourself a great benefit to my overall wellbeing and peace of mind. It’s society. I’ve spent years surrounded by what seemed to be the most unproffesional working population and have been lied to, scammed and abused (as I found out the definition later) and had to suck it up as doing anything may have very well jeopardized my own and my family’s wellbeing. Now I just don’t give a shit about other people following through. Statistically I can prove that I can’t rely on other people – period. Obviously, there’s a list of “proffessionally acceptable” steps I can take to ensure I “uphold my end of the bargain” and not come across as an asshole – I’m not. For me this is just a survival strategy to have learned how to plan with a possibility of other’s help, but any plans I make are 100% self-sufficient in the sense that it can only take me and only me to carry everything out within reasonable timeframes. I have been told numerous times that this makes me seem coldhearted, calculated and manipulative to others – especially by younger members of the “majority”, those who were lucky enough to have always lived in the same country and have had their friends and family to support them in some way for the entirety of their lives. Different strokes, right?

  • Lexi

    Who are YOU? This is a serious issue and I have read many of your post with much concern. Your rhetoric exudes IGNORANCE. Did you chose this topic because it is a ‘hot’ topic and insures clicks to your site? Monetary gain? Please stop writing about something you lack education or knowledge in. You are hurting society by manipulating and distorting facts.

  • Cool Boots

    A true sociopath will always desire another sociopath, why?, because they’re just like them! All sociopaths and psychopaths are narcissists. They walk in and they own in the room. I’m a badass, I must have a badass by my side.. but that’s mostly only important if everyone sees him as that. I of course must always have the upper hand. I don’t want just any loser by my side, that’s not going to happen. If I happen to get a loser that has worth, I’m definitely keeping his ass in the closet.

  • Mic Mc

    yeah i’m a psychopath non diagnosed because who really shows themselves to a psychologist just mirror something easy and confuse them .
    Might be just out of a relationship with another psychopath (really dunno as she changes her mind so much [I know she tries to use it as a tool to manipulate me so i reply by manipulating whatever she feels for me letting her know nobody else will ever understand her like me ] then she blocks me ,takes a few days then wants me back)
    it shouldn’t work but it does in ways . I understand what she does because its so similar to what i do . she needs to feel in control so i let her knowing i get whatever i want in return. I know she needs control so i use that to keep her there . it is great in ways it is hell in others. the time we are both good is brilliant there is balance. then the scales tips and she gets bored thinking she has full control and tries to move on and the loop continues .

  • King Moron’s

    yes i notice that psychopath,aspd,sociopath females have a magnet attraction for male one even without knowing it

    its like a manipulation game, its look like they have sexual quick manipulate each other

  • empath

    How can anyone believe anything these self described sociopaths are writing on this forum. They lie lie lie and then they lie some more. If you are not a sociopath then do not be duped into believing anything these
    self proclaimed paths are saying. They want you to think they have some special relationships and are better than normal people so that you feel like shit and they take great pleasure in your agony and making you think they are superior in some way. Dream on psychopaths your evil lives suck and you will have hell to pay for taking pleasure in the suffering you cause innocent people.

  • Randy Abern

    I think for important fields and jobs in society, mandatory brain scans should be implemented. We have psychos in various forms of government, and high positions in in other fields. If tgey are confirmed psychopaths, they should not be allowed to be involved with government, or be in any position of occupation where tgey can ruin people’s lives. These people should be discriminated against, they aren’t worth pity, or remorse. They should only be allowed to work menial tasks.They cause a lot of damage, and I’m somewhat surprised that mandatory brain scans haven’t been implemented by now. These people are simply worthless and should be treated as such.

    • Newborn-Psycho

      Completely true. Furthermore the bell curve studies found that black and latino populations on average have lower IQ’s than their caucasian and asian counterparts. Therefor we should also make all Latino and black people work in construction since low IQ’ s are tailor made for repetitive tasks with minimal critical thinking. While we’re at it why not make all caucasian and asian women secretaries since they have average to above average IQ on average and weed out the men on the right side extreme of the IQ curves and give them complete control over governments. Then let’s exterminate any human of African decent on the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder since the presence of the warrior genome makes for tribalistic and violent tendencies. Because why do we need individual freedom for anyways right?