Subtle Signs of Psychopathy

Psychopaths know how to hide their true nature very well. They’ve been practicing it since childhood, non-stop.

These cold-hearted people can easily fool their neighbors, friends or coworkers that they are the nicest people.

How many times have you heard about a true monster whose friends and neighbors were completely shocked because they would never in a million years think that he was capable of such cruel actions? If you think about it, these are the most dangerous people of all.

The wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Of course, some psychopaths can learn to live according to the rules of the society and without causing harm to others. But still, they will always be potentially dangerous because one can never be sure when they will choose to strike.

They could do it without a blink of an eye.

And that is the main difference between them and us.

Learn to recognize these subtle signs of psychopathy and see the real person, not the mask.


The subtle signs of psychopathy:

1. Psychopaths look people in the eyes, but only because they learned that it is the proper way to communicate. Eye contact does not come naturally to them. This is why their stare is too strongly fixated on the other person and it looks weird. Some people say that they try to hypnotize their victims. But I believe that sometimes they just try too hard.

2. A psychopath can live a life of an “average Joe”. But even then, living completely by the rules is almost impossible for him.  He will always try to find loopholes and short cuts. He will always try to get a bargain or a discount, to cut the line or get a special treatment in a store or restaurant. He will often ask to talk to the chef, the manager, or the principal and skip dealing with the “lower” staff.

3. Psychopaths usually treat the people in the service business as their personal slaves. They are too demanding, they complain, they show lack of respect and enjoy the  “customer is always right” advantage to the extreme.

4. They are “knowledgeable” about every single subject.

5. Psychopaths can be good listeners sometimes. They prefer not to talk about themselves and their past because they have many things to hide. They also want to learn as much about the other person as possible in order to be able to manipulate them better.

6. Psychopaths usually avoid discussions about the ethically dubious subjects such as euthanasia, abortion, cloning, etc.

7. They make strangely long pauses before answering a question (probably because they are making up the answer).

8. They can read emotions well, but cannot easily pick up on the more subtle emotional cues. They will not realize something is wrong, or that you are hurt or mad unless you tell them straight out. Remember, emotional language is like a foreign language to psychopaths.

9. They can have a surprisingly strong reaction to someone stepping on their toes (figuratively), in a way that seems out of character.

10. They can go from being extremely angry to calm in a matter of minutes.

11. They do not always seek attention the way that narcissists do. They don’t mind being almost invisible in a room full of people. But they can go from that to being the life of the party with ease.

12. They are fearless and enjoy things like speeding and extreme sports.

13. People who have lived with a psychopath say that one of the puzzling things for them was the psychopath’s ability to fall asleep in an instant, no matter how much chaos was created that day by his own actions.

14. Some studies show that psychopaths have a weaker sense of smell.

15. Psychopaths are immune to the contagiousness of yawning.

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Of course, each psychopath is different as there are many factors that shape an individual: cultural background, education, upbringing, etc. This list should just give you an idea about what things you should pay attention to if you suspect that someone you know is a psychopath.

A true psychopath might only exhibit a few of the above symptoms. But that does not necessarily  mean he is any less dangerous.

You should also check out the main characteristics of psychopathy to be sure.


Wishing you the best of luck!