When Two Psychopaths Meet

Psychopaths are usually very good at judging other people’s characters.

When meeting someone for the first time, they know right away if that person will be an easy target or not, what they can get from that person and at what cost. They can smell insecurities and desperation a mile away.

Studies have shown that they are even better than us “normals” at judging human emotion, even though they can only mimic it, and not really feel it.

They can also spot another psychopath much quicker than any of us, because they know what to look for.


I read somewhere that a psychopath once said he found interactions with another psychopath very unpleasant, since he relied on the other person to give him cues for normal emotional reactions. He was left with nothing but a pair¬† of empty eyes just like his. “Looking in the mirror” supposedly makes it easy for their mask to slip.


Psychopaths usually do not like the company of other psychopaths. There can only be one no.1. Other people are there just for their benefit (so they think) and another praise-and-power-hungry individual is certainly not welcome around them.

This can create an unbearable situation for everyone else involved, e.g. other coworkers at a workplace.

In a family, it is sometimes the case that a psychopathic parent has a psychopathic child. The two usually do not get along. The parent either totally neglects the child or is very domineering, which eventually leads the psychopathic child to feel utter hate towards the parent.

All in all, hate is the most common emotion between two psychopaths.

However, although rarely, it does happen that two psychopaths “fall in love” with each other. What actually happens is that they get infatuated with one another. “An alpha male meets an alpha female” is probably how they see it. Finally someone at their level. Finally someone who understands how they feel. They can finally put their mask down around another person.



What happens next? Well, it dI Liedoesn’t work, of course, because a psychopath is totally clueless about love. They cheat on each other, they make each other jealous, they beat each other up, they lie, and their relationship is so unbelievably unhealthy that everyone else is wondering how is it possible that they even stay together.

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What probably keeps them in the relationship is the constant excitement and the challenge that they pose for each other.  They play mind games and that takes care of their constant boredom.

In even more unfortunate situations, they can become a very dangerous couple seeking all kinds of horrific thrills. There have been real cases of couples killing and raping together, and the victims of their twisted pleasures are sometimes even their very own children.

In the end, all of these relationships end in hate and revenge. Two psychopaths can never just “stay friends”. They want to get even.


Luckily for all of us, two psychopaths are more likely to destroy one another than to unite for a common selfish goal.