Are Psychopaths Really Superior?

Are psychopaths superior human beings? They certainly believe so.


But I disagree.


I just had to write this post. Because a lot of people who have been caught in a psychopath’s net feel inferior and frustrated even long after they escape from that horrific “zone”. Just the realization that they have been used, manipulated and played around with makes people want to change their ways, lose trust, and become less empathetic themselves which makes them more psychopathic. They want to get even. They want to see the psychopath suffer. They want to see him say he was wrong, and that they were right.


But that is not going to happen, ever.


The victims will only become double-losers if they lose their humanity.


Psychopaths go on with their lives without thinking twice about the victims they leave behind. They continue to appear happy and carry  a smirk on their faces as they move on to play with another poor soul. They feel like winners. But are they winners really??




Point #1


Growing up, my empathy towards others was beyond normal. I cried over animals suffering and could not watch wild animal shows on TV. I cried over hunger in Africa. And I cried an ocean over the war in the Balkans (although it did not directly affect me).

I was not proud of my oversensitivity. I was not ashamed of it, either. But people pitied me, and not only psychopaths. “Who cares?” “There are so many other things you should be worrying about, why waste your energy?” “Does anybody ask us how we feel?” and so on went the questions that were supposed to make me feel better but didn’t.

Little by little, life’s blows numbed my feelings over the years and now I am somewhat different.

I still avoid watching or reading the news because a tragic news story can ruin my day. I could never be a doctor or a nurse, I almost physically feel the patient’s pain and I panic when I see someone hurt.

I guess psychopaths get irritated with people like me the way I get irritated when I see someone get really confused and stall when things need to get done.


The “stalling” is a normal human condition. And they pretend to have it!

If they have to pretend to be like us, emotional and compassionate, then we must be the superior ones.

The excuse they make for themselves, that they do it in order to manipulate and dupe others, just does not make sense. They do it to survive.

They need their victims to feed off of them. They are like parasites. And are parasites superior to their hosts? I don’t think so.


Point #2

A cousin of mine is psychopathic to a certain degree- she is extremely selfish and insensitive to other people’s feelings. She has always been like that. Her mother once said to me “Well, she is better off with a character like that, at least nobody can screw her over. She will screw them over first.” (Poor aunt, she tried to make herself feel better.)


I thought about my aunt’s comment for a long time after that. I was only a teenager, and people started screwing me over. I was naive. I was an idealist. I though about it: Is this what life is really about-who will be the first one to screw over another person? Are we really not any better than animals in a jungle? I did not want to think so.


Some animal lovers would protest now. What? You compare psychopaths to animals? But  humans are “beasts” compared to the rest of the animals!

I say- Yes, they can be. But they can also choose to be better then them.  To be their saviors, their nurturers. To sacrifice their own well-being in order to help them and not ask for anything in return. There are people like that. There are also some animals like that.  But usually animals have to worry about survival and they have no time for unconditional love. Sticking together is all about staying alive.


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Not convinced? Have you ever watched a cat play with a mouse? And then not even eat it? It’s something a psychopath would find very entertaining. Show me a cat that has ever considered how the mouse feels.

Animals are what they are. And I love them for it. I don’t try to give them human qualities that they can only extremely rarely achieve.

I am more conserned about the human predators.


I sometimes observe the “normal”, empathetic people killing flies or cockroaches without even thinking about it. Sometimes they kill them while they are in the middle of a conversation, talking about their deep feelings or the great problems of our society. Other times they just do it with rage towards these small beings, a rage that stems just from being inconveniently interrupted.

I started killing bugs too. Ever since I had kids I feel the need to eradicate them because they spread diseases. Oftentimes I will take them outside and let them go, but with flies or mosquitoes that’s impossible. I used to feel guilty about it. But I understand that we kill bacteria every day to survive. Why are bugs that much different? We also kill animals to eat them, and we know animals have feelings. So it must be in human nature to kill and to not feel empathy in certain situations, to detach oneself.

In the West people are more detached or, I might even say, hypocritical. They wouldn’t personally kill an animal but have no problem if someone else kills dozens of animals for them. They do not feel responsible, but they are. When they work for companies that pollute rivers and destroy forests, they indirectly kill thousands of living creatures.

Psychopaths think about this and they create the logic around it. And we might say that they are right to a degree. We are just like animals and it is in our nature to survive by killing and subduing others. Who doesn’t believe in evolution as the ultimate truth nowadays?

And the more educated we become, the more sarcastic we become. We can argue that love is nothing but our mind playing tricks on us so that we can reproduce. Then we can ridicule all the love poems ever written, the story of Romeo and Juliette or famous songs. We start observing humans as poor little creatures. And we then feel smarter than all the rest of them. We feel superior.

It is so easy to adopt the psychopathic “values” in life.  All you have to do is be spiritually lazy.


 We can easily become like them, they cannot easily become like us.


If we do not suppress our animalistic drive sometimes, or ignore our physical appetites and refrain from satisfying them, we become like them. If we let hate grow inside us when someone hurts us, we become like them. It almost takes no effort to become like them over time.


On the other hand, they can only pretend to be like us, which they do daily. They cannot ever really become like us. It is beyond their capability.

This is why we are superior.


Point #3 (The last one for now:))


Some of the psychopaths are really intelligent. They have great analytical skills and they know how to persuade people.

They are taking control over the society. Religion is almost dead and who do people have now to teach them right from wrong?

Of course, the psychopaths. Because they occupy most of the leading positions.

This is why our global society is more and more materialistic. Focusing on the physical appearance. On the personal achievement. On instant gratification. On individual freedom.  And more and more forgetting about team work, unity, sacrifice, the greater good.

“Believe in yourself!”

“Have no regrets!”

“Live in the present!”

“You are fabulous! Don’t let anyone tell you differently!”

“You need more excitement!”

“You deserve more! Don’t let anyone drag you down!”

And so on.

Art lost all value, now it is all about the profit. Bad music rules. Bad movies. Books.

There are less and less “real humans” left.  The majority of people forgot their real nature and became just like their blood thirsty leaders.

But you know who is really superior? The person who can feel deep love-towards other people, towards other living creatures, and even the non-living things. Someone who can truly enjoy a sunset or a good song. Someone who gets moved to tears by beauty. Someone who cares unconditionally.

We all have it in us. That is why we are superior. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.