The Signs of Psychopathy


8. They are irresponsible.

Psychopaths can be very career-oriented and they can be responsible in terms of getting the job done. They make excellent surgeons, politicians, entertainers, and even policemen.

But generally they are irresponsible, because they do not think about the consequences. They don’t take proper care of their children. They have unprotected sex with strangers. They lead a nation into a war. They litter. They are arrogant drivers.

Watch out for these signs.


9. They get bored easily and need constant excitement.

Traveling, partying, and getting a more interesting, or even just a different job-most of us like these things. Doing the same old gets very tiring sometimes. But most of us also want to be secure too. We long to have a steady job and a steady relationship.

The same is not true for the psychopath. He gets bored with everything–his town, his job, his partner, his friends, even his children!  And oftentimes he leaves it all behind.

Watch out for these signs if you have a family member who may be psychopath. Is he constantly on the move? Can he keep a job?  What about a friend? Is he always hanging out with a fresh group of people? What about his relationships?

If it is someone you have just met, ask him about his past. If  there is anything they stuck with for years-a close friend, a job, even a hobby-there is hope that he might not  be a psychopath.


10. They lack  realistic long term goals.

Psychopaths live in the present. They do not want to think about the past, which is why they are not bothered with guilt, and they do not want to think about the future, which is why they cannot foresee the implications of their actions.

Because they live in the present they are not able to stick to any long term goals. Psychopaths give up easily. It is the combination of not having a vision of the future, getting bored easily, and not being able to experience the passion that is needed to pursue certain things. That is why you will rarely see a psychopath in a discipline that requires hard work, discipline and sacrifice.


11. They have a parasitic lifestyle.

A psychopath I knew was a famous actor. Everywhere he went people would not only recognize him, but tried to show him how much they respected him in all kinds of ways. He took advantage of their good will and was living in the full sense of the term-like a parasite. Although he had money, he let other people feed him, pay him drinks, girls cook for him, etc. He accepted all kinds of gifts and offers. People would soon realize that he they were being taken for granted, and he was off to a fresh group of fans. Everyone was left confused, infuriated and utterly disappointed, but he believed that it was their fault because they made preconception about him and offered him things they didn’t really want to give away.

If only they knew the signs of a psychopath.


12. They have weak control over their own behavior.

They cannot easily refrain from acting upon an urge. Again this is a trait that is similar to that of a two-year-old. Pay attention to the signs of this kind of “immaturity”. Is the person able to contain his anger when provoked? Psychopaths usually are not. Pay attention to his ability to resist temptation, to skip the immediate reward in order to get a larger reward later (psychopaths can’t do this because they live in the present only).


13. Early behavior problems

Psychopathy becomes noticeable from a very early age. Psychopathic kids are malevolent towards their siblings, sometimes only when no one is watching. They are very cruel to animals, they bully other children, they cheat, lie and steal. They will do it over and over again even though they know that they will be punished.  Punishment has little effect on their ability to learn from their mistakes.

They often run away from home, become sexually active before their peer group and get into the drug addiction.


Hopefully this list of the signs psychopathy will help you recognize the psychopaths in your life. No matter how hard it is to know that someone is that deceiving/fake, it is even worse to falsely believe one could change/improve him. Psychopaths can cause a lot of damage and it is best to stay away from them if it is at all possible.


Just be careful not to go to the other extreme and see a psychopath in everyone. Remember, the good people still outnumber the bad ones by far!!