The Signs of Psychopathy

“We are all human.”


Some people are not human in that sense.

Psychopaths. They don’t feel shame, they don’t feel fear, they don’t feel love.  But from the outside, they look just like us. Sometimes they behave like us. They are fooling everyone. How can we learn to recognize them? What are the signs that you are dealing with a psychopath?

The first thing to do is listen to your intuition. You probably know a few people that give you a strange feeling but you can’t put your finger on the exact problem. They are funny, charming, maybe a little odd but you think hey, who doesn’t have a flaw? So you try to be understanding. You try to have some kind of a civilized relationship with that person. But all you notice is that your energy level plummets with each encounter. It’s as if the person is sucking you dry, leaving you powerless and confused. And hurt.

Listen to your gut feeling.

Do not get confused with the terminology psychopath/sociopath. Some psychiatrists prefer one term over the other, and some consider sociopaths to be a subcategory  of psychopaths. Essentially, for an average person trying to protect himself in day-to-day situations, it doesn’t make any difference.

Let’s look at the main characteristics of a psychopath:


1. They are charming.

The first impression is almost too good to be true. Usually they take good care of their physical appearance. They are well-groomed and they are usually in great physical shape. They also seem to be very friendly, trustworthy and wanting to bond with you fast. Picture a salesmen who wants to gain your trust. But with a salesman you know he has a product to sell so you are kind of reserved, you don’t jump into friendship with him right away. Now think about that same salesman but no product. You would trust him more. But you wouldn’t know about his secret agenda.

Psychopaths make great salesmen. They also make great leaders-cult leaders, political leaders, gang leaders. They are usually very good entertainers. Sometimes they are funny.

Do not let their beauty, wit, friendliness or humor fool you.


2. They are narcissistic.

Their self -esteem is over the top. Of course, they rarely say that they are better then everyone else. But somehow their confidence has a huge impact on others on the subconscious level.

In public speaking, psychopaths perform really well especially because they feel no anxiety. They are relaxed and their self-confidence creates a magnetic aura that the audience just loves. I am mentioning public speaking because it helps me to spot when someone is a psychopath. If someone seems too good to be true, I picture him/her in an auditorium. I watch for the unusual dramatic pauses and just a feeling of speaking to an audience.

“Humans” are shy because we are self-conscious. When we meet someone for the first time, we usually worry about what the other person will think of us. A healthy self-esteem needs constant  reassurance from others. We are social beings, we need that. Psychopaths do not. They do not really care about other people. They think only about their own needs.

Be aware of this. Is someone’s confidence too overpowering? Watch for the red flags: taking too many photos of themselves, too comfortable with receiving compliments, talking about themselves too much and having a very subjective point of view.


3. They are liars.

They will not only look you in the eyes when they are telling the most extraordinary lies, but they will do it even if they (should) know that you already know the truth!

Their lies are sometimes so uncalled for that people believe them just because they think it would be too much work to make it all up. A psychopath I know will go on and on about something she did that day and create scenes that are totally unreal, but very funny. If I didn’t know her that well I would probably think that she is hilarious and that her life is incredibly interesting.

Watch for the non-verbal signs that they are not telling the truth.  If they are talking about being sorry with a straight face, crying without tears, etc. Also, pay attention to the fact that they might turn things around and blame you for lying instead. They are very manipulative.


4. They are manipulative.

Psychopaths enjoy playing with human relations. They like to have power over others, and they will use a wide range of different tactics to achieve it. Some use their power or money to subdue their victim, while others pretend to be victims in order to get power over others. If that seems confusing, it is. Psychopaths often crate chaos around them, pinning one person against the other, creating stories and starting rumors, just to get each person on their side and away from the others.

What to watch out for: be careful if you notice that they are aiming for your most vulnerable spot. People  that mean well will not try to make you hit rock bottom before they offer their help. Also be wary if they try to demonize a lot of other people around you.


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5.They have “no problems sleeping at night”.

Meaning that they feel no remorse or guilt about anything. Whatever they did wrong, it was another person’s fault. Even if their own life didn’t go the way they planned, it was the fault of their parents, their teachers, their partner. An alcoholic psychopath might blame his family for the reason he has turned to drinking, or that he hit his wife because she was actively provoking him and asking for it.

Nowadays it is popular to live by the “have no regrets” rule. Of course, a person should be able to forgive himself and let go of the bad choices he made in life, but guilt and regret are very healthy roadsigns that help us stay on the right moral track. For a non-psychopath, even little things like forgetting someone’s birthday can make us feel horrible.

Learn to become a good observer. Did he come and say “sorry” just because he needed something from you? How does he feel about his failures in life?


6. They are egocentric and lack empathy.

Imagine living in a world where other people are like a backdrop for any given situation. How lonely that must feel! It is a two dimensional world, it must feel like being in a computer game. You are the only player, you are the only one that matters, your opinion is the only one there is. With people becoming more and more detached from the community this trait is gaining prevalence, so you probably know a few egocentrics. Did you notice how your words don’t really get through to them? You can’t make them see your point of view? They are in no way willing to compromise?

Watch out for “my way or the highway” attitude.


7. They have shallow emotions. (Or none at all)

Psychopaths do get frustrated, irritated or angry. But it is mostly because something or someone is in their way. Imagine a two-year old when he doesn’t get what he wants–he is frustrated and hysterical one minute, but soon he won’t even remember it.

What a psychopath doesn’t feel is the physiological response to human emotion: heart beating faster; “butterflies” in the stomach, sweating, weakness in the knees , etc.

And, of course, he does not feel the more complex of emotions like love, gratitude, sorrow or shame. At all. When you are not sure if the emotions you see are real, watch more closely: are there tears in his eyes? Is his body language a little off? Do his actions speak louder than words?

  • Amy

    Is it possible for a physcopath to develop feelings over a period of time, or take time to be responsible in every day things?

    • According to Dr. Robert D. Hare, one of the world’s leading psychopathy experts, the answer to your question would be No, psychopaths cannot develop true feelings over time. They can just learn how to mimic them better. And yes, they can be responsible enough in their every day life to stay away from violence and other trouble.
      Thanks for commenting. I will write more about this.

  • Dani

    We’re not all bad. We’re surgeons and lawyers and journalists, etc. Not all of us are killers and rapists behind bars, we just don’t get clouded over by useless emotions like everyone else.

    • Tarquin Mahoney

      yeah you are…even in those fields your arrogance and opinionated haughtiness cause massive issue, and lawyers??? you trying to make a case on that…f@@k you .you f@@king vampire…youre going down…you know it in your bones…

      • Brittany

        Are you jealous, Tarquin? Are you a manual laborer? What did Dani say that offended YOU so much? He was simply stating that he sees benefit in not getting overwhelmed with emotion. He has a point. It is incredibly beneficial for many professions. Surgeons, lawyers.. those are ALL respectable occupations. Are you upset over the fact that psychopaths are just as capable as someone deemed ‘sane’? Sounds like you’re frustrated over the success of others in their careers, as you seem to have made great emphasis on them…

        • Tarquin Mahoney

          thats not psychopathy….thats not becoming overwhelmed with emotion…its a trait of psychopathy but neither defines it or explains it.
          Psychopathy is emotional predation and deception its not just shallow affect autism…its proactively socially damaging always.
          psychopaths are attracted to power, to narcissism , to adulation…given that it gives them thier narcissistic supply, threaten that supply in any way and the psychoopath sees you doing it?
          be warned, they can and will destroy others from postions of authority…its how they got there in the first place.
          the op is either a fucking autistic idiot who doesnt understand psychopathy or is a psychopath looking for the reaction i gave it….
          we give em what they want we give em what they like….
          doesnt matter…its still bullshit.
          psychopathy is indeed misunderstood…some fucking idiots thinkits just autism,
          no no no and double fucking no.

          • Quinn

            I just hope you aren’t as childish as you were a year ago man

    • Tarquin Mahoney

      id like to cloud you over you useless piece of sh:t.
      empathy for the devil??? not for me ya cu@t

      • Nick Glowaski

        I hope you realize how retarded you sound. People like you are more damaging to this world than psychopaths.

        • Hunter Stansberry

          Psychopathy is a gift. It’s a doggy-dog world. Psychopaths know this: Every man for himself, survival of the fittest. In the end all you have is yourself either way.

          • Jason

            lol I literally just found your facebook, you seem so normal minus the monologues on your wall and the irony that you decided to become an actor

          • Hunter Stansberry

            Mr. Jason, I’d be delighted to give answers to your curious questions via Facebook messenger 🙂

          • Jason

            🙂 let me make a fake profile first

          • King Moron’s

            i understand you totally right

      • Quinn

        Holy cow you fiendish perverse congenitally clueless vulgarity to all and sundry

    • chemgeek

      i agree there are way to many misconceptions about psychopathy

  • DianneP

    @ Dani Bad is a difficult word in this discussion. Obviously, you were socialized well. I am very interested in medicine yet cannot cut into a human, although I am fairly sure I would help at the scene of an accident. To not live with fears, sorrow, guilt, shame, is freeing for sure. As with most things about people, we like what we know. I could not imagine life without learning and experiencing love for others. It is a complexity you live without. The longer I live, it is what life to me is all about.

    • alice

      I suggest you read Interview with a Monobeing (Psychopath)…it’s lol-sad sobering & a reminder to the weak minded, that it is nothing ‘freeing’ about having no feelings.

      • I will definitely do that. Thanks!

      • Tarquin Mahoney

        so sick that they dont even realise why…

    • John Silvano Carignani

      It’s about finding the right way to live within society, whether you have ASPD, Autism, Schizophrenia (not too sure how that works), or any other psychological system that isn’t “typical”. People with aspergers syndrome often become engineers or mathematicians. People with bleeding hearts often become charity workers and help the unlucky folk. Psychopaths often become surgeons, CEO’s and politicians (and yes, somebody needs to hold order in this disorganised mess – even if that means lying to you).

      I look at common people, and their love, and identity, their vanity, concern over how they appear, conforming to social norms, etc., and while I feel nothing less than disgust for it I understand that’s just how some people are, and I might not like it, but for others – that stupid family they spend all their hard-earned wages on IS their life in the same way that drugs, money and violence (not necessarily toward living things) is mine.

      Maybe the common people need to learn to do the same. I wouldn’t suggest getting close to someone like me (really – try to avoid us), because I will see the opportunity to take something and I’ll grab it and not feel sorry for you, but to hiss at us, and congregate together and talk as if we’re monsters is just a recipe for disaster, and shows a lack of intelligence and massive ignorance. (it’s also not nice).

      Plenty of people do bad things – there are people out there who steal to feed their families, sneak into your country and hold you down because their country is torn by war, fathers who understandably will beat you senseless for giving their children a well-deserved slap. When the people they love are under threat, whether good or bad, can often whip the common people into a mindless state of anger and hatred. Wrongdoing isn’t due to lack of empathy, it’s due to not being perfect.

      I hope this helps you gain some kind of inside understanding in some way, and maybe one day society can work for us, and we can work for society on some kind of mutual ground.

      • Jay

        Yes to this: “Psychopaths often become … politicians (and yes, somebody needs to hold order in this disorganised mess – even if that means lying to you).” I’ve recently started thinking this way about the G.W. Bush administration. And I personally think all surgeons are psychopaths or have some innate way to be void of certain emotions, and I think it’s a good thing. It reminds me of an episode of the final season of Dexter. The psychologist says basically that all variations of human are necessary including psychopaths and I happen to agree. I’m actually fond of a few and can spot them quite easily.

        • tentantoes

          Bill Clinton is the name of the politician spath you must admire….

      • Tarquin Mahoney

        …ask yourself- if not other people? then what are you for?
        what happened to you- was there an event? or is your sense of entitlement in emotional discussion simply to inspire fear and pity for your disattachment from the human race?
        is this your birth right? to have no conscience?

    • Tarquin Mahoney

      my brother is a psychopath,,,his method of being “well socialised” was to spread dissnet and drive me from my family because he and my mothers faustian hypnotic, emotioanlly blackmailing pact has never worked on me…i punched fuck out of him once and ive been the family pariah ever since,,,fine by me…true scum..insidious politicking slimy insidious scum..
      you cannot socialise a psychopath any other way than locking it in a cell and not allowing it any lengthy human contact.

      • Nick Glowaski

        So that’s your problem with psychopaths because your brother screwed you over? Just an fyi “normal” people with emotions do the same thing. It sounds like you’re jealous you wish you could disconnect from your emotions, the pain you feel that your family chose your psychopathic brother over you, you feel betrayed, you’re the normal one your human and yet they chose him. Now you have a personal vendetta because one psychopath wronged you and now you hate them all. I believe Hitler had the same problem with the Jews. Save your energy for people who care the only thing you’ll do here is piss someone off and I wouldn’t want to be on a psychopaths shit list.

    • @ DianneP Very well said! Thank you

  • Tomislav

    It seems like you are hating them, and that is not right. Not all of them are antisocial, this guy seems ok

    • Tarquin Mahoney

      nah f@@k em all. evil is evil and we have a right to hate a being without a conscience, with dogs we take em out the back of the barn and pop..if they dont show a conscience…their brains dont work proper…something to do with inbreeding is my suspicion…we often get uncontrollable psychopathic dogs and thats the only remedy…cant let em near children thats for sure…
      the leering expectantly vacant look on their fizzogs is enough to tell you the worth of these beings and how the spread arcissism like it were some wonderful gift,.

      • Tomislav

        “with dogs we take em out the back of the barn and pop…” – Ironically, a someone with sociopathic behavior is talking bad about sociopaths.
        Good and evil do not exist as some “laws” of physics. It’s a subjective thing, something can be good for one person and bad for someone else, eventually some type of behavior are accepted as “normal”, and some are not.

        • Tarquin Mahoney

          If you have a dangerous animal, a man biter – essentially wild and other- i dont mean wolf like either- they attack their own visciously- something wrong upstairs- narcisisstic, different, other.
          no use for anything…you can placate it but dont see to its needs? under its terms?
          with dogs you will lose a finger but some of em are just wrong- theres a little king charles spaniel up the road- the thing is viscious, demonic…it flies at other dogs for no reason and causes havoc wherever it goes.
          The look on its face is severe, intense, intensely aggressive and downright violent to the core.
          Not normal for a king charles- mad but not bad usually- the inbreeding causes other mental issues but its interesting to note the presence opf quite a few like this.
          doberman dogs used to be bred for it to guard in fact.
          turns out they are better guards and friends if they breed out the psychopathy…which they did- you cant say the same for pitbulls they still breed it into them or beat it in if its not there.
          narcissism is contagious

          • Tomislav

            Dogs cant be narcissistic, and its possible to rehabilitate every single dog to the point that he/she is not a real threat to others. Humans are much, much mentally complex animal.

          • Tarquin Mahoney

            seriously some of them are plain evil- whether its nature or nurture it does happen- close set eyes, utterly dominant and if dominated they are just vicious- they drive themselves from packs- we bred dogs to be friendly- the natural characteristics of socially ordered but violent wolves- there are damaged dogs all who can be helped- usually a psychopathic owner is to blame for the worst ones- they come with some dangerous and violently inspired behaviours mostly born of fear- its very rare but you do get ones that just wont stop the violence- happens with monkeys too- they take over packs with violence but have trouble maintaining power-
            i believe it was capuchins that were observed doing this.

          • Tomislav

            It depends how much understanding and knowledge is there in person who observe that aggressive animal. I saw dogs /cats that are like that you described, but few changes in their environment and transformations occur, sometimes it needs time and sometimes its very fast. But I don’t claim that this is the case with human psychopaths, real ones, not people that had something in their life that made them bad or people who are locked up in a concrete building with thousand other people like that. Some people would call the psychopaths, but that kind of disorder is very difficult to diagnose properly or even to understand.

          • Tarquin Mahoney

            not if both your parents were sadistic narcissists it isnt, the behaviour is the problem and it can be spotted if you know that which you seek.

          • Tarquin Mahoney

            it is very easy to understand once you have been burned by one- they lie and smile about it like we breathe.

          • Brittany

            A psychopathic dog owner? So you’re saying all dog or pit bull attacks in the news were because every psychopath went out and got themselves a pit bull..? Ridiculous. I would bet the majority of them were actually a result of deranged, uneducated drug addicts who needed to protect their stash. Thus, trained the dogs to be malicious and violent in order to so. Dogs were not deemed as “mans best friend” because they were evil..

          • Tarquin Mahoney

            No the worst violence you will see from dogs toward each other and humans is the vilence borne of fear, usually of humans, humans who abused them…it is unfortunately quite easy to appear to have control over a dog using fear and intimidation…rub his nose in it etc.
            its a form of control but all it does is control the level of passivity imbued by fear in the moment. scared and desperate animals do stupid and dnagerous things.
            long after the abuse has stopped, just look on th ent for behavioural advice thats needed for rehoused abused dogs.
            but the dog who just dominates and attacks anything it sees fit and nothing can be done…these dogs exist.
            no time for compklex behavioural analysis on a farm…th dog works and doesnt bite or it dont…
            the highway or the back of the shed…lucky friendly dogs.
            scalled breeding.

        • Tarquin Mahoney

          you sure? this study says otherwise.
          “evil” has a physical brain structure.

          • Tomislav

            That is known, so what? It proves that amygdala doesn’t work as it should for psychopath to have empathy. “Evil” is made up by religions, as some outside force, but there is no proof that exists outside men, its just a behavior that we classified as that.

          • Tarquin Mahoney

            It proves that the amygdalae is completely bloody different…not that it just “doesnt work as it should”- the whol ebrain structure connections are different entirely form the near neurotypical brain fo the other aspd-p sufferer…its them whose amygdalae dont work as the should, the emopathic mirror response is muted, the left brain emotional processing is there but muted and often flawed.
            the empathic mirror response however is there and appropriate.
            not like psychopaths , who show sexual enjoyment in many cases when they view pain.
            thats not “not working as it shopuld” its the lack of this structure and the grey matter associated with it means the amygdalae works entirely differently, the whole mirror of empathy thing most of us have even aspd-p sufferers…who many would call sociopathic…even dogs who mirror human emotion incredibly well and are capable of acts of quite amazing emotional capacity and perception dont work like this.
            the amygdalae works like a balck hole…feeding on emotion but never mirroring it.
            truly awful..but they dont care…tube brained fuckers.
            theyd sell thir grandmas.

        • Tarquin Mahoney

          its not sociopathic its called animal husbandry, you get a pack of working dogs? and one of them just wont settle, bites all the others?
          too nasty? it gets a bullet ..i believe its called natural selection..firendly dogs survive…its called domestication.
          Too soft and friendly? well thast not a working dog either but that one gets given away asa pet…did you not ever consider where dogs actually come from?
          guess what? its wolves.
          psychopathic monkeys and them taking control of troupes with violence and eventually being ousted for the good of the troupe?
          it happens, we have video.

          • Tomislav

            That is not natural selection, that is selection by men.

          • Tarquin Mahoney

            who naturally dont like being either bitten or licked to death…nothing psychopathic about that, ou cant give a potentially dangerous dog to someone as a pet but they tend to put up with the licking.

          • Tarquin Mahoney

            men are naturally selectig the qualities that are most beneficial to us, with all those teeth the number one highly natural factor is the not biting your fucking arm off or biting the other dogs legs off or biting the children over possesion of a toy or attention.
            dogs arent wild but they sure are naturally dogs and their nature is as natural as ours , we work very well together and for the most part psychopaths do infinitely more damage to children than dogs ever do, we bred them for friendly , naturally better for us than lions and wolves which is where they seem to have come from.

          • Tarquin Mahoney

            and wolves, they are a natural phenomena too.

      • tentantoes

        You would come across a LOT better to learn more words in the English language other than trash.

  • Moses

    It seems to be an “eye for an eye””fight fire with fire” kind of atmosphere in here. You want to go out back and shoot psychopaths and lock them up for all eternity? It seems your empathy and emotions are conditional … youre all F***ing animals psychopaths rule the world the rest of you are just pretending

  • M.A. V

    It never fails to amaze how many individuals missing some conscience find their way into law enforcement, the prison system as professionals, the therapy business, the religion system. I think it is to give them a conscience, or to make them special, or to get admiration and attention and to fool people.

  • Crystal

    At one time I was amazed at my bfs ability to fall asleep instantly, I envied him and wished I could be more like him. Wished I could care less etc.etc. now I see him for what he is and planning my escape from the insanity of psychopathy. My self esteem is shattered from my feelings being disregarded and I’m ashamed of myself for not seeing it sooner. I would like to attend a support group in person because I have been isolated for some time now. He has no job, no money and no plans and I pity his next victim and intend to expose him every chance I get. Pay backs are a bitch and he doesn’t deserve anyone in his life. He knows exactly what he is and is somehow proud to be. There is nothing acceptable about it, we aren’t robots.

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  • Kimberly Brown-Dias

    Just curious all these positive thinking things you see are practically telling you to be just like Narcissists and Psychopaths! Not to say everything they say is wrong but just wondering if you can end up going too far with it? I’ve seen some people that become so far into it that they don’t seem to care about anyone anymore!

  • Kate Johnson

    I call them toasters. I’ve only ever met 2. They don’t resonate like actual human beings. It’s like their inanimate objects. No lifeforce at all. Really creepy.

  • Ben