Psychopaths and Religion

First, let me say that I am not an atheist.

I like the idea that there is a higher order of things, that we are here for a reason, and that love is all around which I call God.

I experienced the presence of God on a few occasions. It not something that I can describe. It was very personal. Maybe it was just me, and my brain playing tricks on me. But it was something that made my life much more worth living.

I feel the need to share the love. To help others. To be part of something larger than myself.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

I fully understand those who are confused, and those who try to rationalize. Flaws can be seen everywhere, in nature and in every human being if we seek them. And in religion, it is hard not to see them.

All religions are so corrupted, that they are exactly the opposite of what they preach. They are not tolerant, they are not helping the world become a better place, they are greedy profit-makers with pedophiles and war mongers among them. It is really sad.

Any human being that is truly spiritual, has a problem with religion nowadays.

If Jesus lived among us, He would be be the one leading a revolution against the so-called “Christians”.

Because they are only about the form, and not the essence.

They know His words by heart, but they don’t understand them.

They idolize His image, they keep the crucifix(!)  as the most sacred symbol, etc. and it is just so morbid, so wrong, so superficial.

You follow these rules, you go to heaven. Just say five “Our Fathers” and that’s it. Fast for the next 30 days.

Pure superstition. If God could be sad, he would be just devastated. Because not only is there more and more atheists, but “believers” are just idiots so easily fooled by the devil.

The psychopath.

Yes, I do believe that psychopaths are evil. They are what is called the “devil”. It doesn’t mean they have supernatural powers or horns or anything. They are just a place where God (love, harmony, empathy) cannot reside.

Psychopaths are the true atheists.

The notion of a higher being and a deeper meaning is completely strange to them, because they are so superficial. They can be highly intelligent, but they cannot see with their heart, and that is their limitation. They are almost two-dimensional, and that’s too bad for them (but I learned not to have pity).

They are sometimes (if they are highly intelligent) very good at rationalization. “It is all mass hypnosis.” “It is our brain sending us visions of what we want to see”. A lot of the times they are right, but they are missing out. It is like saying “A mother loves her child just because of the hormones produced in her body”. It is true, but the real truth, the real human experience of it is so much more amazing. The psychopath will never know unfortunately for him.

Unfortunately for us, a lot of “normal” people nowadays think that it is a shame to see with your heart and to look for more than just what could be measured in a lab.

Psychopath the logical atheist (or the devil) won them over with his arguments. He is such a good manipulator. So charming too.


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Then, there is an especially dangerous kind of devil. The psychopath infiltrated in the Church ( I’m not talking only about Christians, but I will use that example since it’s the most familiar to me).

I read only the New Testament, didn’t take it literally, and found it to be profoundly enlightening. That was about 20 years ago, so I remember it very vaguely, but I remember that said something like “they will do bad things in my name”. I clearly remember it and I though “Wow, so true”.

Religion. What a perfect cover-up for people who want to do bad things.

You put the uniform on, and all of a sudden, people kiss your hands and look up to you. They don’t question your motives. They obey. You get to listen to their confessions and get a kick out of it. How stupid they are. How powerless. How gullible. Such a perfect prey.

You have no fear of God, so you can do as you please. No one will ever suspect it, because they cannot understand that a human being could be so fearless. I guess they didn’t think about the devil much.

A psychopath can sometimes  be religious. But it is “religious” on his own, limited terms. He thinks he is a saint. No, he thinks he is God. He is never humble. Never repents.

He doesn’t serve others, others serve him.

He preaches like a salesmen, and makes a sale.

His “buyers” are all just fools to him.

In the end, after all the damage he had caused, he tells them they don’t have enough forgiveness in them. Makes them feel horrible.

He will always win, unless we wake up and learn the signs of psychopathy. Know who we are dealing with.





  • Apollo

    I totally agree with you that real spiritual people have a problem with religion nowadays. So so true. Jesus never said He was Christian, not even one time. He did not come establish Christianity but to save humanity

    • Angel

      Christian did not exist…until after Jesus death. Christian is a ‘term’ that is suppose to mean following Lord Jesus Christ. It’s simply a way to describe a believer & follower of Him. The term was actually meant as a insult to His followers by the anti-Christ at the time. I doubt His followers cared then nor would any genuine follower care now. It seems clear you lack some basic knowledge. I hope this helped. May God bless.

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  • Tomislav

    Love, harmony, empathy… yes these emotions exists end that why they have names, no reason to call them “God”.
    “Psychopaths are the true atheists.” – You clearly have your own definition of atheism and “God”. But that is not true, I don’t believe that there is some being that majority of people called God, it does not have any sense and there is no any proof for that concept. I could say that he might exist but I personally thing that there is 99.999…% chance that there is no “God”. Still, there is love, harmony, empathy… and you and people like you just adopted these feelings and put them under different name (God), and also think that someone created the universe under that name…
    You are ignorant fanatic, and psychopaths at least have the valid reason for their ignorance. They cannot empathize, but you hate them.

  • I Pledged Allegiance

    That explains why the person I thought I could be friends with got so mad when I brought up God once, when I asked if a song she wrote was about God and she got steaming mad and basically said if I was going to talk about God then we can’t be friends and how she is an athiest. That should have been my cue to run but I gave it a shot anyways . .

  • shahin

    Respectfully, the author of the article is fundamentally wrong
    Believing strongly in something that doesn’t exist and talking to it and organizing your life around an imaginary thing will grant you to be suffering from religious neurosis and some form of schizophrenic that can be diagnosed under DSM guidelines as a mental disorder.

    • Capiche Madafakas

      Thinking about God means you are sick. Insulting others who are capable to ask questions means you are smart and logical… I love the way atheist don’t see their own ignorance and fanatism.

      • shahin

        You got it wrong!
        Believing strongly in something imaginary, talking to this imaginary thing, and organizing one’s life around this imaginary thing is a pre-requisite for an unhealthy mind-But when is believed by millions and billions, the act suddenly becomes normal!!
        Humans by default have evolved to believe in unbelievable as well- It requires an unbiased reasoning and rational thinking to reject the vacuous claim on so called “god.”

  • 3712849912

    If a person is a psychopath, is there any hope that they could truly be saved by Jesus Christ? Are they pretty much just toast right out of the gate?