The Signs of a Psychopath Forum

I finally figured out how to get the Forum page to work!!

It is kind of embarrassing…but I am only learning how to do certain things as I go.


I knew that something was wrong with it and that it did not work properly, but I’ve been very busy and I didn’t have time to work on fixing it. It seemed like a huge task. (It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought!)


I just assumed that there were no posts in the Forum since it hasn’t been properly set up. Then when I checked the other day, to my surprise, there was a TON of spam!

I could not physically check everything and I just had to delete all of it.

I am so sorry if I accidentally deleted anyone’s post! Oops.

But I really had to do it all over again, and do it properly.

This time, registration will be required and CAPTCHA will be on there too.

I will modify this forum every day from now on.

I will delete all disrespectful comments.

I am sure psychopaths will be visiting, but they will not be welcome in this forum.


I am sure there will be a lot to share and a lot to learn. I saw the comments some of you left on my posts and I think the forum will be a much better place to share your stories and get some valuable feedback.


I really hope that this will become a place where some of us will find answers we have been looking for.

I hope it becomes a place where people give and find the support they need.

Hopefully it will help them heal.


Welcome to the new forum!

You can enter it by clicking “The Signs of a Psychopath Forum” located on the right sidebar.

Please share your story with us.