Are All Hunters Psychopaths?

There is a disgusting photo going around the internet of an ordinary looking woman posing next to a dead lion that she had just killed. She is smiling with unbelievable satisfaction. Her face reflects pure evil and stupidity.

This photo made my stomach turn, as I am sure it did for millions of people.

The picture (I will not share it on this blog because I just think it is so vile but you can see it here) clearly shows that this woman is a psychopath.

I don’t care about the procedure-yes, I will jump into that conclusion.

She is a psychopath. Her grin shows it. Her actions show it.

She is so proud of what she has done.

What a stupid woman.

Ok, enough about her.


The real question is -are all hunters psychopaths?

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Here is how hunters usually defend themselves and their hobby.

1. “The animal would kill you if it had a chance”


I admit: If I were anywhere near a lion that’s not in a cage, and I don’t care how tame he might be, I would pray to God that someone with a gun is close enough to save me.

If I had to, to protect my life or the lives of other human beings, I would shoot that animal without thinking.

That’s one thing. It’s called instincts. Our animalistic nature takes over when we are in danger.


This is the hunters’ point all the time. But it is not a good argument.

Shooting a lion only makes sense if you had to defend yourself. Or if you are starving to death and you had to chose between low-calorie, low-nutrition plant roots or a nice lion steak that will provide you with strength and vitality.

Hey, in some situations even human steak can do the job to help you survive.

However, we are no longer competing with the rest of the animal world for survival.

This is not the kind of world we live in. Period.


But the hunters still go out and hunt. So, they want to be reminded of the animal inside them? They want to be the predator? Sounds psychopathic to me!

Hey, why don’t you let it be a fair game. Go there and make your own weapons with your bare hands, don’t rely on modern technology! Oh, wait, I forgot, psychopaths do not get the word “fair”.


It seems to me that psychopaths really don’t get a lot of things.

It seems to me that they are really just a lot less intelligent then the rest of us.

I will have to write a whole separate post about that.


2. “We are animals too”

This is the point where a hunter and/or a psychopath and I would disagree the most, I think. This is the core of the problem.

Are we, or are we not animals?

I believe that we are not. How do I know?

Because I know that I have a consciousness. I know that I am capable of being merciful and forgiving.

I expect that from other human beings. But I do not expect it from animals.

And although some may argue that animals can also be empathetic and forgiving, I would rather not get into that right now.



Animals should be forgiven if they turn around and bite us. It is their nature, and they are trapped in it.

We, on the other hand, are free from it. We can tame it and even sacrifice our own well-being for the sake of others or for a higher cause.

We know better now. And we have the obligation to tame the animalistic side of us. To keep it under control.

This is not only an obligation that society puts on us, it is a deep spiritual obligation.



Some of the more religious psychopaths hunters, have an argument that goes something like this:


3. “Religion teaches us that we are on a higher level than animals and that animals were put on this Earth for our pleasure.”


Forget religion. We all know you don’t really believe in God. Your actions clearly show it.
Anyone who truly believes in God appreciates life. The “pleasure” in the sentence above is meant to represent enjoying the prosperity of animals, enjoying their existence, and not taking pleasure in destroying them.

Because that is only what psychopaths do.


But I agree that we are on a higher level than animals. Spiritually.

What it means is that we must take care of them.

The “higher” beings should always take care of the beings that are “lower” than them.

In general, the human race collectively moving toward being more divine, more understanding, more able to appreciate the beauty in things. And not destroy it. It comes with the increase in IQ of our species.


4. “You’re a hypocrite because you eat meat”

Maybe some day we will all evolve in the direction of not eating steak at all, but for now, this is our reality.

And it’s not necessary to go into extremes in order to be a good person.

You can eat meat and not be a psychopath.

Even my grandparents, who used to kill their farm animals for food, were not psychopaths.

They never took pleasure in it.

If I had to actually kill an animal to eat it, I would probably have a supermodel figure because I would never do it.

I would eat salads, fruit, and bean soups. Fortunately, there is plenty of food right now for those of us that have access to the internet.

Maybe, if I got to the point of starvation, I would dream of eating some Bolognese sauce and of killing a cow. Maybe the nature would totally kick back in and I would even become completely girly, waiting for my man to go out and do the dirty job for me. 🙂

Or maybe I would just go hunting myself. I wouldn’t have any regrets if I had to feed my children.

Again, it’s one thing to just turn your empathy off for a second and do what has to be done.

It’s another thing to consider killing a sport.

The point is, as we as humans get more intelligent, we find ways to avoid doing this hard or unpleasant work on a daily basis.

And the psychopaths are the only ones left hunting.


5. “We do it as a family”

Some hunters are emotionally attached to hunting because it was an activity they do as a family.

I can’t even wrap my mind around this one.

How sick can some families be?

This reminds me of Nazi Germany, where everyone was so brainwashed into killing, where everyone was lovey-dovey to each other but not to the outsiders.

Yes, it takes a psychopath to create that kind of atmosphere.

And the rest follow. It’s called secondary psychopathy. I will write about it soon.


My point:

Humans are on a higher spiritual level nowadays. Not so long ago, we used to be just like animals. We had to fight for survival. There was no time to think too much about the actions that were long gone, you had another danger coming up. You had to be strong and just take the suffering.

Back in those days, hunting was a normal part of life. It was even a normal pastime activity.

There are still societies like that. Somewhere in Mongolia, probably. Nice places.

Maybe all the hunters should just move there. They would love it.



Hunters do not have to kill today. But they still want to.

Does this make them psychopathic? Yes.