Was Adam Lanza a Psychopath?

The Sandy Hook shooting has left everyone speechless. Innocent children and teachers were killed and people are left wondering WHY. What could have been done to prevent this tragedy from happening?


Now, Adam Lanza is a name everyone is talking about.  And I am sorry that I have to mention his name because huge publicity like this is what many psychopaths dream of. Even calling him a monster has no negative meaning for them. Some of them would love to be monsters just like him and prove that they are above and beyond everyone else, that they can take away peoples lives whenever they want. That would be their main motive.


But Adam Lanza was NOT a psychopath.


His brother said that he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. This is a form of autism, also sometimes called Autistic Psychopathy. It is often confused with the real Psychopathy (ASPD). Some people with Asperger’s syndrome, or “aspies” as they are called, look very strange, withdrawn and unemotional and people think they are “sociopaths”. This just creates a lot of confusion.


So let’s try to get things straight.


A person who is a psychopath (or sociopath), easily blends in and acts normally. It is very difficult to see that there is something wrong with him, because he is always wearing a mask. His social skills are good and he can mimic emotions, act very friendly, and be well respected among peers. Of course, psychopaths can be very different from one another. Some are intelligent, some are not, some are violent the others are not. It depends on their upbringing, education and so many other factors.  But more often than not, psychopaths rise up to the leading positions-in gangs, religious cults, schools, etc. They love the attention. Picture a good looking, popular kid at school who is the class president, the captain of a school team and who likes to pick on the less socially adapted kids in his class, the “nerds”.


Now picture a “nerd”. He is highly intelligent, but awkward looking. He is clumsy, not very athletic, and gets nervous easily.  This could be a person with Asperger’s syndrome. His feelings are buried deep down, and his face is expressionless. He looks like he does not now how to blend in, and he probably doesn’t want to. He is extremely shy and does not like the attention of others. He doesn’t understand others well and it is very difficult for him to feel connected to others, to be compassionate. However, aspies do have a few people in their lives who they can feel real connection to (the same could not be said for psychopaths).


There are many other differences between these two disorders.  But I think you get the picture that they are two completely different things (although they do share some symptoms) and that a person cannot have both at the same time.


Now, I am not a psychiatrist nor a criminologist and I have no idea if people with Aspergers are considered mentally ill or not. Meaning- can they be held responsible for their actions? I do know that their condition cannot be cured or treated with medication. And I know that Lanza planned his horrific deed for days and he even left messages on the internet suggesting that something is going to happen but not saying what.  It sure doesn’t sound like a mental illness to me. He destroyed his computer so the police cannot find evidence. Hm..no, he was not a mentally ill person who “didn’t realize what he was doing”.



There has been a lot of discussion about mental illnesses, gun control, etc. in the past few days.


But  I would like to mention something that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere, probably because it is so “out there”.  I hope noone will be offended by this, because it is about one of the victims. But I just have to put my thoughts down, because this is what this blog is all about.


It is about the mother of the shooter. Is it at all possible that she was a psychopath?

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Psychopathy and Asperger’s are both be hereditary.  The two disorders have many things in common and I believe, from all that I have read, that it is possible for a psychopathic parent to have a child with Asperger’s syndrome. And that would be a scary combination. Because Asperger’s are at the same time drawn to psychopaths and they are more likely to become their victims. Also, it is not impossible for aspies and psychopaths to be in a relationship, so maybe the father is an aspie (Asperger’s is more common in males) and the mother is a psychopath.


Why would I even think about the mother being a psychopath?


Because, if you  read the statements from the people who knew her, everyone talks about her in superlatives. She was very generous, a volunteer who was very well respected in the community. Not unusual for psychopaths. She was not a teacher as was reported at first, but an ex stockbroker (The stock market is a perfect place for psychopaths. Schools, not so much).  She was a good friend, but none of her friends knew about her family life, because “she kept it to herself”. She acted like nothing was wrong. She appeared carefree. Hmmm.


Then, she got shot in the face. Which in criminology means that the killer hated her very much. Her own son.


She was a nice lady, but not only did she love guns, she took her son, an aspie, to a shooting range with her! And proudly talked about it to her gardener. An ordinary mother would be concerned that her grown son spend so much time playing violent video games, she would think about hiding her weapons from him. To me, this is all too fishy.


Forgive me if I am wrong.


Please feel free to start a thread in the forum that I added to this blog (and I hope it’s working). Have a nice day and stay away from psychopaths!