Amanda Knox: Psychopath or Not?

I have been interested in the Amanda Knox case for years.  The media made her into a poster-child for psychopathy even before she was found guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher.

But somehow they were never able to convince me 100 percent.

I was always going back and forth: she could be a psychopath, but she could also be a tragic victim of her own naivete.

Which one is it?

The fact that she was convicted of the murder and the fact that she was later released did not sway me in one direction or the other. I don’t trust the justice system of any country. I am aware that they are all capable of profound mistakes. Every day an innocent person’s life is ruined and another monster is set free. (I believe that Casey Anthony, for example, is a child-murdering psychopath who was found innocent.)

I am also very, very aware that the media portrayals are usually wrong. I like to use my head and take every public image with a grain of salt. The media is full of psychopaths who like to dehumanize their subjects (or objects) for the sake of the dramatic effect.

Amanda Knox as a psychopath – now that is good drama, a very good story . I was drawn to it like everybody else.

I forgot about it for a while. And then-boom-she was convicted again. This time I am even more intrigued.

Is this girl really that evil that she kills without a motive? We know psychopaths are capable of doing that. Killing for fun or just out of boredom.

Is she really such a good actress that she fools me every time I watch her interview to think that she is being honest? I don’t know. I still don’t know. And I would love to hear your opinion.

Here is what people who know Amanda say about her. But sometimes psychopaths can fool everybody, even close friends and family.

Here is the other side- describing her as a psychopath.

It is possible that she is one. She lied. She accused an innocent person to save herself. She behaved incomprehensibly odd after her roommate was murdered. Some say that she behaved odd in interviews available on YouTube.


But here, I want to talk about why I think it is possible that she might not be a psychopath. I will speak from my experience because that is what I know best, since I am not an expert criminal profiler.


I will tell you a few things that I do know:


I know how young, naive girls think because I used to be one

I’ve known quite a few American college girls

I know shock because I also lost a close friend suddenly

I know what it is like to be innocently accused



As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I used to be a very idealistic girl who saw the best in everybody.  And I believed that everybody should like me because I never meant no harm to anybody. I thought all people should just get along.

But, not everyone liked me. Actually, quite a few people hated me.

Very early on, around puberty, I was labeled a slut and a whore for no reason. Packs of bullies were chasing me like dogs on a daily basis. It got to the point where my (very few) friends had to  look around the corner to see if a street was clear so that I could get to school and back safely. I didn’t understand it. I didn’t know how to fight to prove my innocence against such overwhelming quantity of wrong accusations and misunderstanding. I was a slut because I was being sexually bullied. That made no sense to me. But instead of apologizing to everybody, I kept my head high. I was just trying to keep myself together, but it got misinterpreted completely wrong- that I had no shame.



Years later, when all that was behind me, I moved to America as a high school exchange student. I was shocked to see that the kids my age were a lot less street-smart than I was. It was as if they lived in Disneyland, where everything was custom-made for them and where they had very little contact with the real world. I felt sorry for them and, at the same time, I envied them. I felt a lot more mature than the rest, but I did adapt easily and did everything they did- and enjoyed it.


But seeing how crazy everyone went once they got to college- that was just ridiculous. These kids were way too immature to be on their own. The guys were drinking enough to kill themselves and doing really dangerous, stupid and non-funny things, and the girls slept with everyone. (I have to mention that sex was something I was not interested in for a very long time, probably because of the trauma I went through.) Everyone was so obnoxious, and I really did not fit in. I felt very old among them.

This is maybe what the Italians did not get. A twenty-year-old American is the same as, maybe, a 15-year-old Italian. I don’t mean to be mean, I love my American friends, but that is a big cultural difference. Just at that age. Later, when they learn how to handle being grown up, it evens out.


Now my third point: I lost a friend in a car accident. She was one of my closest friends and I was supposed to see her on the day she died. I was completely shocked by what happened but I didn’t cry for a couple of days. I was just quiet and my face was straight while everyone else was crying. I just could not believe it. It did not seem real to me. What was I supposed to do, force myself to cry? At the funeral it hit me how real it was and that was when I broke down. But for a year I struggled to understand it, every day, and how that could also have been me. I am sure that some of the people who immediately cried for her do not even think about her every day anymore. But I do. So, the reactions to a tragedy are not the same for everyone. I got really mad at her husband too. The way he dealt with it was to go out and pick up girls. I know that he is not a psychopath but he is just very insecure and hates being alone. I still it’s wrong and I don’t talk to him. But that’s a whole different story.


And I want to talk about how I got caught in a store “stealing”. I wasn’t trying to steal anything. I had not taken a basket and I had too much stuff so I put something under my armpit to read a label of something else. The security guards came and took me to the back room. I laughed. I sat there smirking in disbelief because I thought it was so absurd. They didn’t think it was cute.

Of course, when you are a naive girl, you think people are going to see right away that you are harmless. Hey, it’s just me people! Not some crazy criminal! But these people don’t know you. They are serious.

They let me go but did not believe my story for a second. I was told not to come back to the store ever again.

Of course, nobody was brutally murdered then. And Amanda had no excuse for her own smirks in the courtroom.

She was not a stupid girl, she was highly intelligent and she should have realized how serious the situation was.

I don’t know what to think. I’m going in circles.

What I’m confused the most about is: Why would Rafaele Sollecito, who had known Amanda only for 7 days, protect her unless he knew she was completely innocent? And unless he was a man who stood up for the truth and justice?

Anyone who is capable of murder would throw her under the bus to save himself.

So her ex-boyfriend Rafaele is now going to jail for 25 years.

And the real psychopath,  Meridith’s killer, is probably watching all that and laughing from a safe place somewhere?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the forum!



  • Friend Of St. Frank

    sociopath-not psychopath. further I come from 40 years of investigating fraud, murders, etc. and am a Dr. for what that is worth. What convinced me was not her interviews altho she is lying in them (ie pupil size, eye movements for starters-research neurolinguistics) next look at her handwriting and study graphology-dead give away. But what convinced me was her book “Waiting to be heard” definitely a sociopath if you look at the inconsistencies, her dislike of minorities-and Mez as well as the two people she accused (not just Patrick) were minority after she comes out against Rudy-note that he is the only one she refers to by the last name always-everyone else is referred to by the first name-and of course she admits in the beginning knowing Rudy and then later in the book denies it as she talks about Raf as a boy toy that was in love with her (after 6 days of knowing him) altho she never returned his affection. Add to it that she was a major slob, major. RS’s book confirms that-not just the condemns and not flushing the toilet but fairly anti-bathing and very unclean-avoiding household cleaning. How familiar are you with drug users/alcoholics? The girl loved drugs-any she could get her hands on-not just smoking pot-even in her book she talks of hash and booze and cocaine-everyone’s favorite friend. Despite rumors to the contrary, Rudy Guede was as young as her, had no criminal record and had just been back in Perugia two weeks before this happened. She used pot daily but never paid for it, wow. She loved to drink any kind of booze she could get her hands on and stated that drugs and alcohol were great friends of hers and then denys using. I have watched college students kill their best friends when drunk-and Merideth was not her friend-no one, I mean no one, that was present and knew her in Perugia felt she was innocent-she goes to the police station when told to stay away, Raf outs her, and within 2 hours she is accusing Patrick of the murder. 2 hours. Also not a good idea to go to talk to the police when you are stoned. She also was injured on the neck-bleeding from it altho she claimed it was a hicky-numerous witnesses she neglected to talk about-and she is a complete narcicist-feels no grief for her roommate, no empathy for anyone but cries constantly about “poor” me. Rudy was the drug supplier-and all 3 were drunk and stoned and probably coked up. Plus, after you wrote this question, on Feb. 14th in her “blog” she talks about her fake break-in on a roommate at Wash. U as a “joke”. She only took 1 course when in Italy and begged off a paid internship she was suppose to do at her aunt/uncle in Germany-just blew it off after 1 day. Add neuroscience-human brain grows from back to front and the frontal cortex which contains morality, much short-term memory, executive decision making and impulse control is not even present until age 25-she nor the other two had not grown their frontal cortex yet. Also, daddy left for his mistress when her mother was pg with her sister and she was a constant pot smoker-every hour of every day before leaving for Italy-not occasionally, constantly. Add “Honor Bound” by Raf + “Waiting to be heard” by Amanda and boom, she did it-and her body odor 2 hours after allegedly taking a shower is odd. Just read these books critically and remember drugged up all the time, doesn’t like minorities at all as her book makes clear, and again can’t even keep a straight story in the book. Also, why does she think everyone wants her and she might “allow” someone else to have a boy-toy if she doesn’t want him. Too much explaining to go here but I come from the background of being a Ph.D. with years of experience in busting folks who kill and a drunken/stoned and possibly coked up 20 year old arguing about stolen money from Merideth (the exact amount of which was found on Amanda) as well as why she shouldn’t clean and why everyone else should keep her supplied in booze and pot-no good. Pax et bonum.

    • RVABREAD22

      A dislike of minorities has nothing to do with sociopathy. In fact, a sociopath would be less likely to be racist. They don’t care enough. They simply use people and anyone. Body language is psuedo science. Her book is not inconsistent . She was a naive 20 year old girl. She barely spoke any Italian and lived in a foreign land. She was mixed up in bad company. A classic case of wrong place and wrong time. I’m sure glad you’re not my Dr because it seems you don’t know anything about sociopathy.

  • Amanda exhibits all the signs of a psychopath, not a sociopath, as the psychopath is the more dangerous of the two and steps into the element of criminality. The brutality of this murder puts Knox square in the crosshairs of psychopath. She and RS were never released on bail after their arrest because psychiatric evaluations deemed them a further risk. People speak of no motive, particularly Knox. A motive is not necessary all the time. Knox did have a motive. She hated Meredith, they did not get along (notice Knox always refers to ‘my friend Meredith’ but never ‘I was Meredith’s friend’). Many seem to think that Knox’s behaviour after the murder was ‘normal’, everyone grieves in different ways. True enough but that is a long shot from her behaviour. Behaviour after the crime can be extremely indicative of guilt. Extremely. She showed a selfishness and callousness toward what had happened. No one that has lost a roomate, close or not, in such a brutal fashion, says, “Shit happens. I have to get on with my life.” This shows an absence of any compassion for the victim, whom most of the time Knox referred to has her, my friend, rarely by her first name.

    I lived in Italy for 5 years until recently moving to France. I speak Italian and I have read the court transcripts, the autopsy reports, Guede’s skype with his friend, listened to taped conversations of Knox with her parents (who, incidentally, know she did it), taped phone calls off RS with his father, wanting to get rid of certain people who could keep RS behind bars, prison diaries.

    How many of these behaviours does Knox fit into?

    The quick pace of the relationship and demands for instant commitment. (6 days, together all the time, every day, doing drugs and drinking) which connects to control and possessiveness.
    The lies and inconsistencies.
    The callousness towards others. Cartwheels, “Shit happens. I have to get on with my life.”
    The disregard for social norms. (drugs, alcohol which relates to the need for constant stimulation)
    The sense of superiority.
    The aimlessness and lack of responsibility.
    The random changes in mood and behavior
    The need to exert power over others. (This crime was about exerting power over Meredith) Remember, Meredith was stabbed 40 times, 25 times in the face. This is a very personal crime, one of rage and hatred and Rudy would have had no reason for such violence. Had he sexually assaulted her and wanted to silence her, such extreme violence would not have been necessary.
    The demands for isolation from loved ones and friends.
    The sexual deviancy. (again the need for constant stimulation). Knox posted on her website how she had picked up a middle-aged man on the train to Perugia and had sex with him in the toilet. Clearly, she has no concept of how inappropriate this is.

    In my book, she is a psychopath whose true nature emerged when fueled by drugs and alcohol.

    • The Maati

      Some of your facts are wrong. Meredith was not stabbed 40 times/25 times in face, her neck was stabbed and slashed. Yes, Amanda knox is twice guilty, but I wonder if you made a mistake or just flat out fibbed to sell books.
      It is obvious you did not research.

    • Thank you for commenting. You have some very good points, but I wouldn’t agree with two of them. I may not be a professional, but I am a girl and I know that both myself and my friends were very clingy in our early 20s when it comes to boys. It did not mean that we were controling, it meant that we were emotionally immature and wanted to be with someone 24h right after meeting them. It certainly is not an indication that one is capable of murder. Especially if you think about the fact that her father left and she was probably in need of a male affection. This could also somewhat explain her need for frequent sexual encounters. Also, for drug and alcohol use/abuse. I do not think that just because someone uses drugs or alcohol it means that they are criminals/potential murderers. The percentages of drug and alcohol use among teenagers are very high and increasing each year. I am not saying that she is not a psychopath, I just do not think that these two arguments are valid for proving that she is.

    • Chris Renegar

      I have not read your book but will have to. I agree with you that she is a psychopath. That interview with her in the blue dress… could just see her lying. The terrible drama. I took a lot of acting classes and did plays and more. She was totally acting and was very bad at it. I did not know she was stabbed that many times. Can you imagine how sick you’d be if that happened to you? My friend was killed by his own mother in 1968 and I’m still not over it. And I’m now 55. So I agree with you. Cartwheels, stupid funny faces, out of control sex and the constant need for stimulation. So you think her parents actually know the truth??? How did you find that out?

    • Julie Webb

      Sociopaths are made, psychopaths are born. Many pro-social psychopaths exist. Your information on the two is wrong. Suggest you read the DSM.

      • Ammy Pearson

        Your info is wrong. You need to read a lot more.

    • Ammy Pearson

      AMEN, pigal!

  • Ammy Pearson

    She’s guilty and she lied, and lied and lied. The American media also lied for her. She’s an embarrassment to our country.
    I’ve seen black men convicted in this country with WAY less evidence. Their DNA evidence is crap, but her lies and inability to explain a lot makes her guilty in my opinion.
    And yes, she’s a psychopath, without a doubt. Lucky for her, mommy and daddy are rich.

  • China sold U out? Why?

    You sound very stupid and wrapped up in your own head. Considering Italians sexualize girls at a young age… sound so dumb. You give no real facts, this sounds like a horrible opinion piece. I am sorry you were abused like that….shit I can relate. I used to get chased like I was nothing more than a dumb animal. But I don’t like you and you have made this about YOU.