About me

“Love thy neighbour” is my motto. I love people and try my best to be helpful, responsible and kind to others. But sometimes I get “punished” for being so “naive”. There are certain people who think that being nice is being plain stupid.

Learning about psychopathy helped me in so many ways. It was not easy to face the truth, but I am glad I didn’t have to change my ways. I still trust people in general, I am just able to identify and stay away from psychopaths.

Now I want to spread the information and help others to avoid being victimized by these human predators.

  • Roxanne George

    Yes I agree I too was a victim of this disgusting disorder and I agree now I myself can identify these people spot on .. their facades their charm their perfect words and the list goes on. .. It’s been a year and this psycho still stalks .. it’s
    Well I have learned that these people are very patient and waits for the opportunity what ever opportunity they get they see it as a blessing to them to act and use it to continue having their fun attempting to destroy you …. Good luck you psychos you have been exposed and busted … we need to educate naive kind and empathic people like ourselves